So we are back from our little get away with the Tulips & Turbos tour to Holland and Belgium.   As predicted Nancys favorite was the Keukenhoff Gardens in Lisse Holland.  I have got to say that place is extraordinary and would have been worth the trip all on its own.   

That being said my favorite was the World Endourance Championship 6 hours at the legendary Spa Francorchamps circuit in Stavalot Belgium.  What an amazing race course that weaves its way through the mountainous terrain of the Ardennes forest.  This circuit is in the epicenter of where the infamous Battle of the bulge was fought.  The region is so full of history if there was no race it would be a terrific place to visit.

We did take a day to drive over to the storied Rhine River Valley in Germany where we drove through the mittel Rhine this is the section with all the amazing castles and historic villages.  

it was not all play however as we did actually do some work with Nancy finalizing a successful negotiation on an offer and arranging showings for our return.  In all our week away was both productive and fun!

This weekend is the Annual Ladies Day tarpon tournament so the island will be very busy.  the Ladies day tournament celebrates mothers day in a unique way.  Thanks to Janet Gillespie for creating such an iconic event for our little Island and celebrating all the fantastic moms, and a big congratulations to Brendan Coudal for once again being the artist to create the ladies day logo!


Nancy Hyde

Next week Nancy and I will be taking a "Realtors Rest"  what is that you may ask?  Well a full time Realtor is never off the clock but rather than being "On Island" we are headed across the pond for a quick break.  We will be visiting the World Famous Keukenhof Gardens in Lisse Holland, once we get our fill of flowers ... I'm thinking Nancy's appetite for Flowers just may be greater than mine :) .  We head to Stavalot Belgium a leisurely 2.5 hour drive away for the World Endurance Championships at the Historic Spa Francorchamps Circuit.  


Its going to be a great escape for a few days.   That said it will be a working vacation so we will be available as we normally are, except that we will be 6 hours ahead so please know that if you leave us a message or send an email  our work day will begin around noon Eastern standard time, but just think you can call us after midnight!. We both have an international plan on our phones and will have our computer and files with us so ... pick up the phone and give us a call.  If during our brief absence you would like to visit one of our listings we have arranged for that as well.


Nancy Hyde

Spring has sprung!

Another great week has been bestowed upon the Hydes.  3 contracts, saw the "Green Flash" last night, and 5 days since our last cigarette!  It is clear that April will be very good to us.

For those of you waiting for Mid to late May for the Tarpon to Arrive you need wait no longer ... we have seen a good number of Tarpon in the Pass with regular catches.   Come on down and beat the pressure in the Pass.

Hve a great week!


Nancy Hyde

Early this week I was in Tallahassee to speak with legislators about some very important legislation that will affect your bottom line, there were tax issues for both homeowners and businesses.  Issues regarding affordable housing and Insurance regulations.  

While in Tallahassee Nancy was busy showing property and writing contracts.  To say we were busy would be an understatement.

I'm gonna make it simple for this weeks Best Deal. 16501 Gulf Shores Drive.  Click the link to get the deal.  We have had an offer that included terms that were unacceptable to the buyer.  Maybe its too cheap.  A price increase will come unless you get in there and snatch it up.  We have a fantastic Kentia Town House available in Boca Bay.  Recent renovations gulf view and priced to sell.  Its not on the open market as the seller does not want to deal with the cocktail party questions as to why ... if front row Gulf Views sound good in an area of the island that is as close to liquid real estate as you can get sound good give Nancy or I a Call.  


Nancy Hyde

There a-lot of important decisions to be made in our lives ... Health, Business, Love, Life ... come to mind as some of the most important. 

In this weeks news pay close attention to the article   "Lazy Days Island Style"

While writing, I drew from my own experience of getting out and savoring life. While a sensibility must be had it is important to invest in your life not just your portfolio... that's where the balance is.

Tomorrow Morning I am off to Tallahassee with an amazing group of leaders from The Englewood Area Board of Realtors.  We will be meeting with State Legislators to discuss things that matter most to Florida Property owners.  Among them are :

  • Business Rent Tax
  • 10% Tax Cap on Non-Homesteaded properties
  • Estoppel Certificate Fees
  • Affordable Housing Trust Funds
  • Water Policy

While I am away Nancy will be available to help you with all of your needs. As always I will also be available by Email, Text and Telephone

Kevin Hyde

2017 President Englewood Area Board Of Realtors

Nancy Hyde